Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hello Boys, Remember Me?

    One of my favorite lines from "Independence Day", a movie with lots of great one-liners. (And by no means was it my intention to exclude the wonderful women who read my blog).
    Anyway, I'm back! And I'm swamped with catch-up. Relaxation is hard work, especially when you have to accelerate to more than full speed on your return. It's like stepping on the moving sidewalk at the airport. One second you're minding your own business, the next you're flat on your back wondering where the hell the floor is going. (Actually, it's more challenging getting off the sidewalk, especially when the person in front of you drops their 50-pound bag right where the sidewalk ends. But that's another story.) So I'll have to postpone a real post until tomorrow when I've gotten a chance to catch up with work and read my mail at home (see: pay bills that came due when I was in the Caribbean) and catch up on the posts and responses on the blog. Super thanks to The Oh Really Factor for filling in while I was gone. ORF, you did an awesome job, and anytime you get your political hackles raised but don't want to alienate your own readers, you're more than welcome to alienate mine!
    So enjoy the break - I've had a week to let things simmer and I'm all pissed off about the world is being run, so see you tomorrow!


Mike said...

I hate when I go on vacation or I'm really busy for a few days and fall out of the news cycle. I feel like everyone knows something I don't.

Anyway, hope you had a good vacation, Scott. Welcome back. We have much to discuss.

Ben said...

Although I wasn't incommunicado this weekend, between the new dog, a wedding (by the way, Scott, Howard Lacheen is now happily married), and a birthday party, I felt completely out of the whole politics thing. Sometimes you just gotta take a break, or you burn out on all these issues.

sideshow bob said...

Did it hit you, somewhere between the climbing wall and the scuba diving, that it was more than just a cruise?

ORF said...

Oh, Bob. So funny. hee!!

Shannon said...

lmao, Bob.

Welcome back Scott. Hope you had a great cruise.

ORF said...

I read this article once that talkd about the popularity of using 70s rock music in modern commercials and how hilarious it was that "Here Comes Johnny," by Iggy Pop is about a heroin addict but it's used to advertise a cruiseline and is aimed at wealthy white people.