Thursday, September 01, 2005

What Would You Evacuate?

     Watching New Orleans residents lose nearly everything, the lucky ones (smart ones?) were the ones that evacuated last weekend. My wife and I were discussing what would happen if we had to evacuate. What would we take with us if we thought we might never return home?
     We decided that we would need clothing and non-perishable food, as much of both as we could carry. Social Security cards, ID, passports, cash. We would take the cat (and his litter box). We probably wouldn't bother with photo albums, but we'd probably pack up our computers. At the very least, we'd take the hard drives. All of our pictures are on the hard drives, along with our financial information, and a general record of our lives for the past few years. OK - I suppose my wife would insist on taking the wedding album. We would take our ketubah. And maybe a few things that are irreplaceable, like yearbooks or keepsakes with sentimental value. Other than that, it seems most of the things we have really aren't that important. Or at least, they're worth nothing more than the money they cost to replace.
     What would you take?


Ben said...

Same basic stuff. Computer, some pcitures and documents, at least a few days worth of clothes. Some of my most precious books. Other than that, I have little that I can't survive without.

I talked to another cousin about the cousin that lived in New Orleans. He's in a bit of denial, from what I hear, thinking he'll be able to go back soon and everything will be fine. I suspect his upcoming wedding (November 4) will be moved both in date and setting.

Sylvana said...

Yikes! I have too many irreplaceable things!
But if came right down to it, and I could only take what would fit in my car, I would take my family (of course), I would grab the computers, all forms of identification, insurance and other valuable papers, my pets, get as much money out of my account as possible, grab credit cards, the journals that I kept while JD was young, some photo albums or negatives, some toiletries, my favorite clothes, our tent and some cooking supplies, enough food and water to feed us for a couple days, and, if there is time and space, I would grab a few blankets and pillows. If I think of anything else, I'll be back.

ORF said...

As a child, I used to have this morbid fascination with the idea that our house might catch on fire. I would lie awake nights considering two things: what was the most efficient means of egress (except I didn't use that fancy word at 8 years old) and what would I take with me. The only thing I could ever unequivocally decide upon was my stuffed dog Mutt, which I've had since I was about four and still sleep with. Yes, I have been sleeping with a stuffed dog for twenty years. He would still be the first thing I pack. Shut your GD mouth!

Anyway, after that somewhat embarassing confession, I suppose the other things I'd take would be my computer because I love it and my grandmother's jewelry because it is extremely sentimental and irreplaceable. Also, probably my photo albums from traveling. And my cat. There are probably a couple pair of shoes that I'd literally die without. Flashlight, batteries, radio, canned food, can opener.

kaitlin said...

well, i'll make the same embarassing confession...i've had the stuffed dog since i was about 6, so less than 20 years, but working our way in that direction. and a more-recently acquired teddy bear.

beyond that, it depends. if i were going to a shelter, food and water. dense, fattening food--nothing healthy except in the sense that it'll have enough calories to sustain me awhile. if not to a shelter, i probably wouldn't bother AS MUCH if i knew i was going to get out.

pictures--namely the last one i have of my grandmother and me before she died.

the computer, or at least the files off of the computer (uploaded or down to a disk or three--pictures, financial info., etc).

pets. i don't have any but my mom does, so i'd take them along.

pajamas--the soft cozy ones; wherever i land, the pajamas make me feel like home. probably some other clothes, too.

ORF said...

Scott, your link is fixed! Thanks again for reminding me.

Shannon said...

As I compiled this, I realized this was far more "Mad Max" than everyone else...but I'm assuming I'm evacuating from Las Vegas which is surrounded for hundreds of miles by nothing but desert, in August. You can die in less than 24 hours if not properly prepared.

My dog and food for her.
Non-perishable food.
Water, water, water, water.
All Ids, passports, credit cards, etc.
Sleeping bag.
Camping stove and propane.
More water.
All of my CDs if I couldn't get them on the computer or an ipod. (they're in a book already)
Durable, light clothing and a fleece for night.
Sun block.
Matches or a lighter.
Water for the dog.
Antibiotics (if available) in case of snake bites.
Extra gas.
Hiking boots or durable shoes.
Backpack in case the car breaks down in the traffic jam to LA.
Sentimental objects- photos, stuffed dog from when I was a kid, family heirlooms.

Also- I'd try to evacuate with a group of friends. Since this is Nevada, I know these friends will have guns.

Or I'd just take a plane to LA with my dog, computer, clothing, and personal items.

scorcho said...

Computer/cell phone, clothes/hygiene stuff, food and water, important bank records/paperwork. I'm not that creative in crisis situations.

fatinspanish said...

scott, check it out...

looters vs finders

Scott said...

I'm surprised that everyone's said "computer" so far. I thought I was just a big nerd for saying that, but it's so true that we store our whole lives on the computer nowadays, especially since all my pictures are now digital.
Shannon, I'd totally be more "Mad Max" if I actually had any of that type of equipment. On further reflection, it probably wouldn't hurt to grab a few backpacks and a sleeping bag.

Sylvana said...

Shannon, I am of a similar mind. I would totally grab camping gear too (see previous comment).
I forgot the antibiotics and the extra gas though. Good idea!

Shannon said...

Scott, I noticed that about the computer too.

I asked groups of friends this question last night and spurred some interesting, at moments funny, conversations. Thanks for the idea...