Friday, June 29, 2007

Third Best President, EVER!

I know nobody is still reading this blog, but I had to post this find *somewhere*!

Doing research for my column, I came across this old ABC News poll. They asked respondents who the nation's greatest presidents were. In February, 2002, the results came back: Lincoln, Kennedy, GEORGE W BUSH!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
uh oh - milk came out of my nose
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Check it out:


Phil said...

I think I read a post almost identical to yours about this very same poll, but on another blog. However, there, the laughter was about Clinton coming in fourth.

Scott said...

Yes, smirk, Phil. The difference is that today Bill Clinton still scores high on "greatest president" polls (especially in comparison to his replacement), while only oil industry executives and neo-Klan members rate Dubya best these days.

When the same poll was taken this year, Clinton still came in 4th at 13%, while Dubya had the delusional vote at 2%.

I'm sure you had a good reason for picking Dubya as the best president ever, Phil. But you and your like-minded compatriots have become so irrelevent that I don't really care.

phil said...

Hey, I never said Dubya was the best President. In fact, I'd probably put him in the lower half. Not sure why you felt like jumping to conclusions. I hope you can go back to caring, now that you know that I'm not in that crowd.

As far as the neo-Klan and oil industry executive quip is concerned, (a cute quip, too, by the way), I suspect the fellows at this following link rate Clinton number 1.

OK, I can tell this line of discussion isn't going anywhere....

phil said...

In case the site got cut off, like it did on my screen: