Monday, April 04, 2005

Terri ad Nauseum

     I don't want to talk about all the Terri Schiavo issues here. If you want to post about it and tell me what an asshole/idiot/insensitive jerk/hypocrite I am, do it in one of my previous posts where I talk about Terri. (I mean it - i'll delete comments on this post that are irrelevant {unless you're complimenting me. I like that})
     I just want to ask: why have there been more collective tears shed over this one woman who for all intents and purposes died 17 years ago (even if you believe Michael Schiavo and activist judges murdered her last week, at least admit she hasn't been part of society for 17 years) than over the 1500+ men and women who have died in Iraq? Don't they at the very LEAST each deserve the same amount of grief and attention Terri did/does?
     I mean holy shit, this guy murdered two teenage girls and injured 6 others and he gets a freakin' speeding ticket?? Michael Schiavo sits by his wife's bedside for years before making what has got to be the most difficult decision hopefully none of us will ever have to face, and he will receive death threats for the rest of his life. Where's the perspective?? Just answer me that!


Sylvana said...

I totally agree that this woman's life has been raised above the lives of others and it makes me sick- especially since she did it to herself! She was not a person to most, but a point to be made.

Johnny Virgil said...

Hey, thanks for the link! I also agree that the amount of coverage is disturbing, and disgusting. I don't think it should have been politicized the way it has, and I personally don't think the government should be involved at all. It's truly insane.

ARM said...

Found your blog through Johnny V's.

Excellent post - very true and sad at the same time. I think people just want a cause and they'll go to any lengths to get it.