Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Blog Circle-Jerk

     Too crude? Sorry. I swore I'd never do this - the one thing I hated about the "big" blogs was how they would incessantly quote and refer to each other and never really say anything. As much as I would love people to read and participate in my blog, I promised I'd never stoop to the virtual masturbatory Blogroll and blog references.
     However, being obsessive as I am and being very excited about meeting new people in the "Blogosphere" who aren't posting (strictly) about teenage angst or advertising mortgage refinancing, I was checking Sitemeter for the umpteenth time today. (Did you notice I installed a counter? Of course not. A) Nobody reads my blog and B) nobody really cares that I've had 61 unique visitors since March 14.) Anyway, tonight I noticed a referral from One of Sylvana's blogs. Sylvana has 3 blogs that I discovered today, and although I prefer the chattier Syllogism, I wanted to pat myself on the back with her pat on my back with this:
Wednesday, March 30, 2005
The Truth by Scott

"This is what I get paid for. Not really - it's just what I do instead of what I'm supposed to be doing to get paid." Scott (author)

When I visited this very well-written site I found that I wanted to post comments on everything! He posts on great current issue topics and has great knowledge and insight on the events/issues he writes about. Very humorous with an easy wit, he draws you into every well-sourced story. And every once in awhile a little devilish humor creeps in, which makes this blog all the more endearing to me.

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I know - I was thinking the same as you - there must be another Scott. Either way, I'm going to bed happy tonight!

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Sylvana said...

I'm glad that you liked your review. I'm always curious what the authors of the blogs that I list on my review blog think of what I wrote about them, so thanks for letting me know!