Monday, March 14, 2005

Hebrew National Shortage

     This is a story that has hit my family very hard. We've suspected there was a problem for some time - since January, the Hebrew National shelves of our Publix have been virtually empty, save for a few lonely hot dogs. We figured the problem was Superbowl demand. I mean, sure the other brands were fully stocked, but who wants those?
     But the problem hasn't gotten better. Last night we went shopping and the situation was the same. We picked up some of those low-fat skinny dogs, but where were our beloved 1/4 pound dinner franks?
     And then the news (albeit slightly delayed): An official Hebrew National Shortage. We've tried the other brands, but Nathans and Sabrett just don't cut it. We are praying for a speedy production recovery.

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Mike Todd said...

Scott --

Nice blog, man. Gersh totally ripped you off! Gotta keep your eye on that guy.

I have to go stock up on hot dogs now.