Wednesday, March 30, 2005

This is What I Get Paid For

Not really - it's just what I do instead of what I'm supposed to be doing to get paid. More shocking headlines - this time they're Jewish:

Jews Invade European Soccer Fields
     Thousands of fans in Amsterdam sport Israeli flags, tattoos of the magen david (Star of David), and cellphones that ring "Hava Nagila". They're not Israeli. They're not even Jewish. They're fans of the soccer team Ajax and for 40 years, they have been known as "The Jews". (sorry about the NY Times link - it's going to go into archives in a few days for pay members only but I haven't found it anywhere else on the web yet.) Why are we hearing about it now? Apparently in the rabid world of European soccer, opposing fans have begun chanting things like "Death to the Jews" or "Jews to the gas" or "Hamas Hamas". It has gotten so bad lately that many Jewish fans feel it's too dangerous to go to games anymore.
     I find this fascinating. This whole thing started in the 1960's when in Jewish-friendly (and everything-tolerant) Amsterdam, there were 2 Jewish players on the team, which caused opposing fans to scream nasty epithets at them (you know, "Dirty Jew" and all that). In defiance, the team and its fans took on the identity of "The Jews" and have been so ever since. That's a great story. You know, to all those fans out there (and in their defense, they just hate Ajax, not Jews) who scream anti-semitic things... erasing the Jewish part of Ajax isn't going to sooth their anti-semitism. It will just hide it. I like the fact that there are defenders of the underdog out there.

Democrats not Allowed to Participate in Culture of Death
     Apparently an Alameda County, CA judge has conspired to keep Jews and Black women off of Death penalty juries. It seems that these groups, which lean heavily Democratic, are much less likely to "vote to send a defendant to the gas chamber", according the a co-conspirator. It's illegal to exclude jurors based on religion, race, or ethnicity, though, so now the California Supreme Court has to check to see if those death penalty convictions are still valid. I'm not sure about how I feel about the Jewish connection. On one hand, it's really shitty for anyone to exclude Jews from anything just because they're Jewish (and just as shitty to exclude Black women just because of their color). On the other hand, what a nice thing to be excluded from. And to quote Tevye, on the other hand, by excluding Jews and Blacks, they can kill more people who may or may not deserve it.
     It was an interesting article when my brother-in-law first sent it to me. In light of the whole Terri Schiavo fiasco, though - it's really rich. I know - to get around the law, prosecutors can just ask what party affiliation potential jurors have. Then they can legally just exclude Democrats. What?? We're not allowed to participate in the right-wing Culture of Death too? (<- sarcasm, for those of you who don't get it).

Typing with One Hand in the Grave
     Speaking of Terri Schiavo, who apparently has become the next Jesus Christ, or at least would have been if she had died on Good Friday, I have it on good authority that she is alive and well and has been writing a blog for months now. Take that, Michael you evil, evil adulterer!


Ben said...

Terry isn't Jesus yet. Now that she's died, she's completed step one. Once she is ressurected, then you can call her Jesus.

Sylvana said...

Ben, I don't think that a person who starves themselves into heart failure because of vanity and low self esteem really could ever qualify as the saviour to all mankind- no matter how you cut it.

Sylvana said...
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Ben said...

Sarchasm: The gap between a sarcastic comment and the person who doesn't get it.